Asbjørn Severin

Brand Strategist, Partner

Asbjørn is responsible for brand positioning and everything written at Plateau. With an unremitting curiosity, Asbjørn seeks to get to the heart of any issue or challenge he faces with his clients. With inspiring writing and storytelling as his foundation, Asbjørn knows how to capture the imagination of his audience. And with this foundation, he seeks to apply a human-centered mindset to every organization he works with. A mindset that strengthens our clients’ businesses and leaves their brand at a better place.Before joining Plateau, Asbjørn has worked as a copywriter and concept developer at a range of advertising agencies, including Konstellation, Hjaltelin Stahl and Kunde & Co.

My colleagues

Jens Henrik Larsen

Sales Associate

Stefanny Castaneda

Visual Strategist

Cecilie Lund Madsen

CEO, Co-founder