Turning business intelligence into business impact

Changing the perception of Business Intelligence to break free of commoditization in a highly competitive market.

With most companies operating in the market of business intelligence (BI) competing on the same playing field with close to similar products and pricing, the competition comes down to simple features and functions. A battle that’s hard to win and a battle that will eventually lead to a complete commoditization of BI as a whole.

To break free of that commoditization, TARGIT had to do something different. To do so, we helped TARGIT revisit their role in the market from a new perspective – a perspective that led to a refreshed focus on impact.

It takes more than a BI solution to make a real impact

While TARGIT's competitors are claiming to be plug and play for anyone, TARGIT decided to shift their focus and compete on the impact of their solution rather than on the pace of the implementation.

Ultimately, BI should function as an engine, providing the power to drive and realize the desired impact and the ongoing progression of an organization.

However, the way in which classic BI is turned into actual impact is in many ways a blackbox – a question that is left to third parties, consultants or the client itself to answer.

With this renewed focus, TARGIT takes a holistic approach to business intelligence – an approach that goes beyond a working solution. Because to TARGIT, BI is not only about creating the best visualizations and dashboards but the best organizations.

Building commitment from the inside out

To enable TARGIT to grow into the new position, called for a clear set of values functioning as guiding principles of what TARGIT does and how they do it.

The defined values; agile, insightful, integrity, and impactful, sums up the legacy TARGIT is built upon and the company they strive to become in the future.

But to infuse the values into the organization, it is important to define the meaning of the values – and not just on a corporate level, but for every department and every office in the company. To ease the essential implementation of the values, we created an editable framework that would enable every department to define how the values would translate into concrete action points that, in turn, would affect the everyday work across the company.

More than plug and play

The best BI solution should not simply plug and play. It should enable anyone to use the solution. Because only with a high adoption-rate will a BI solution become truly impactful and create long-term and sustainable value for an organization.

TARGIT is a leading business intelligence provider with a strong focus on industry-specific solutions thatempower people all over the world – from government officials and corporate directors to engineers andsales reps – to make an impact in a world where the only certainty is that everything will change.

Client: Targit
Industry: Business Intelligence
Year: 2020

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