Visualizing the tie between clinical care and business excellence

When a company is going through change, it needs a viable brand identity to support it.

Auditdata, the global provider of software and software-enabled hardware solutions made for audiology, needed to break free from its competition and claim its position as the industry's digital frontrunner. To accelerate this ambition, Plateau was tasked with establishing Auditdatas new brand position and visual identity.

As the market had been dominated by specialists focusing on specific elements of the clinical process, the industry was suffering under black-boxed protocols. With no suppliers providing a holistic approach to the clinical process of audiology, clinics were left with little or no knowledge on how to improve their patient care nor bottom lines. With Auditdata's focus on connecting the entire customer journey from end to end, it was possible to claim a position as the tie between patient care and business excellence – making great clinical care a great business.

To support this position, Plateau created a dynamic visual identity for Auditdata that communicates both the patient care and the business excellence that characterizes Auditdata's products and manifests their position by visualizing the tie between patient care and business excellence.

Global provider of audiology software-enabled hardware and software solutions that help clinics to connect and understand their entire customer journey to improve patient care and bottom lines all at once.

Year: 2020
Industry: Audiology

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The identity needed to be:

Reflect the guiding principles: attentive, resourceful, transparent and objective
Move away from the cold, clinical and inhuman look and feel that in general defines the medical industry.
Symbolize the joining of patient care and business excellence
Unlike anything in the industry
The Tie – a Symbol of Change

The tie between patient care and business excellence became the cornerstone of the visual identity and was visualized through the creation of the Auditdata Ribbon. As the primary element of the identity, it can be seen as a subtle hint in the logo, as a graphic element, or the frame of an image.

Flexible Color System

To support the tie between human care and bottom lines, Plateau designed a flexible color system built to balance the look and feel in a variety of ways spanning from stark business to earthy human.


By using a lighter and friendlier font, the brand of Auditdata becomes more approachable and tangible. The corporate typeface is called Siri.

Product Images

Auditdata had a broad range of product pictures and pack shots. However, to give them context and a more human appearance, the existing images were styled to fit the new identity.