Framing the storyline


Under the working title, Eliminate Downtime, Trackunit set out to unite the frontrunners of construction to eliminate the biggest and most costly challenge of their industry: Downtime. To launch the new message, Trackunit wanted to set the front runners apart – the ones, who are willing to take a stand to push the industry forward. They wanted the best in business to commit to their vision for the industry and say yes when they said; are you in?

But how do you transform a mission as bold as this into a digestible message that will convince the brightest business leaders across the globe to unite and join forces?

The Solution

To get the message out and gain industry-wide commitment, we wanted to talk directly to the business leaders in the market. As the first step in that process, we created a branded film that would establish Trackunit as the leader of the movement and calling the front runners of the industry to join them in revolutionizing the construction industry.

By setting an ambitious goal for the entire construction industry, Trackunit has succeeded in getting industry-wide commitment and gather industry leaders from around the globe to join the Eliminate Downtime Committee. Change is set in motion – and the journey has positioned Trackunit as one of the absolute leaders of the digital development of the construction industry.

With solutions that have pushed the construction industry forward during the past decades, the danish tech company, Trackunit, is one of the leading providers of IoT to the industry. Since the founding of the company more than 20 years ago, Trackunit has pushed the digitization of construction forward.

Client: Trackunit
Industry: IOT & Construction
Year: 2019

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