From internal battlefield to streamlined solar system
This is the story behind the corporate website of Dansk Standard.

Unlike most companies and organizations, the work of Dansk Standard can’t be boxed in a single industry. As a matter of fact, the work of Dansk Standard is per definition spread widely across almost every industry.

This notion had resulted in a corporate website that reflected the organizational structure rather than the corporate brand story, resulting in a lack of hierarchy. With the front page being the main platform for news of all sorts and sizes across departments, sectors and divisions, it was impossible to give all stories the place and space it deserved.

Without a framework to prioritize content, the team was left with a tangle of content that made the site hard to navigate.

Whereas much of the existing content was made as firefighting to answer acute questions and clarify complexities, the aim for the new website was to sift the content and create a customized FAQ site to control the ever-growing amount of content.

Dansk Standard
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Mette Eskesen, Head of Marketing & Communications at Dansk Standard

Not only has our new website structure resulted in easier navigation – but it has also enabled us to publish the right content to the right audience.

Simplifying navigation

This would leave space to get into the core story of Dansk Standard and create a system that enabled Dansk Standard to communicate the right stories to the right people. This system, inspired by a solar system, gave the industry-specific departments of Dansk Standard their own space to communicate with their individual users while simplifying the navigation of the corporate website in the process.

Flexible framework

Making the website flexible lead to a further improvement in the site usability and made it possible to reach information on different platforms.

A New Visual Identity

As a part of the redesign of Dansk Standards corporate website, a refreshed visual identity was a must. We introduced a series of icons with a focus on bringing the wave element from the Dansk Standard logo into the icons, in a way which felt natural and instinctive to the brand.