Unpacking the ambition to create real impact

With genuine insight and deep industry knowledge as their foundation, TARGIT turns great intelligence into real impact. Plateau helped match their identity with their focus.

TARGIT is operating in a complex and crowded market of business intelligence. With an ambition to specialize in market verticals, TARGIT wanted to set the stage with an example that was relatable and inclusive enough to accommodate most kinds of people while creating real impact for every customer.  

This meant the identity needed rethinking – where it could both embrace the legacy while looking forward to the future.

Increasing familiarity and humanizing the brand

The aim was to create an overall familiarity, making TARGIT feel approachable and easy to use. It needed to feel safe and secure but also be welcoming and meet customers’ needs. This was done by infusing more of the human warmth into the design.

TARGIT is a leading business intelligence provider with a strong focus on industry-specific solutions that empower people all over the world – from government officials and corporate directors to engineers andsales reps – to make an impact in a world where the only certainty is that everything will change.

Year: 2020
Industry: Business Intelligence


Visual Identity Refresh
Design Guidelines

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The Brand Refresh should:
Make BI approachable and level-headed. Straight forward and to the point.
Keep the blue color, the logo, and typography.
Making TARGIT feel approachable and easy to use.
Allow TARGIT to communicate directly to several industry verticals.
The Square: A Symbol of Insight

The Square is where we zoom in and meet our customers in day-to-day situations they can relate to.

Modular and responsive grids provide flexibility for all content formats while keeping core brand elements in place.


We created a more agile color-palette with a color system approach to create more consistency and versatility in how colors are used throughout TARGIT’s brand and communication.

The TARGIT Square is straightforward and to the point, it cuts the clutter to reveal insight.