Taking a new form


How do you transform the face of a company without losing the legacy and heritage of the brand and culture? Following an acquisition, it was decided to take a turn and refocus Trackunit’s offerings around software rather than hardware. The new corporate identity of Trackunit – a technology company, focused within the construction industry – had to put form and figure to a transformed version of the company.

The Solution

With the shift from hardware to software, the identity needed to help Trackunit position themselves as the challenger in the industry. To do so, we sought to create a bright and concise identity to break free of the heavy, dark, and masculine universe of construction. To guide the design process, we decided on the four values simple, human, flexible, and ingenious. Combined with light and bright colors, these make up the main characteristics we aimed to infuse into Trackunit’s new identity.

Trackunit, is one of the leading providers of IoT to the industry. Since the founding of the company more than 20 years ago, Trackunit has pushed the digitization of construction forward.

Client: Trackunit
Industry: IOT + Construction
Year: 2017

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The logotype is simple yet very significant as it needs to be able to lift the identity of the core brand but also the sub-brands in the form of the new services. The solution was a monogram holding an add-on area for extended use of the symbol for sub brands.


The new typography reflect the simplicity of logotype, colour scheme and the usability of the new services. But to add some personality, we wanted to find a typography with a little twist. That little something that sets it apart and that is exactly what we found in GT Walsheim. To add another dimension, the Apercu Mono was chosen as secondary typography for smaller texts.


The simple logotype is accompanied by bright, subtle colours with roots in the legacy to sustain the brand personality.
The colors act as differentiator between the corporate brand and sub-brands of each service.