A national treasure -

now fit for the future

Enabling Dansk Standard to communicate a complex product through light, airy and distinct design.

The challenge

Dansk Standard, the facilitator of standardization in Denmark, had long struggled with an outdated brand image. An image that altogether made it hard for the company to attract new talent and break through to the business community with their message. Part of the problem emerged from a corporate visual identity that lacked personality and approachableness followed by complex and text-heavy communication. Therefore, Plateau was assigned to refreshing the visual identity while still staying true to the company's respectable and solid foundation.

The guiding element

Looking for a visual anchor, we found an opportunity in utilizing a central element of Dansk Standard’s logo – the wave. The wave, with its friendly form and curves, became a focal point for the new style direction.

Since 1926, Dansk Standard has been empowering the Danish business community to create higher growth and quality in business and in society. Dansk Standard provides a framework in which business and industry can meet to create a solid foundation for a future in growth and works to push for Danish influence in a global market.

Client: Dansk Standard
Industry: Standardization
Year: 2020

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It was crucial to find a font that could support text heavy content, and create a more light and inviting reading experience for the reader.
The font Buenos Aires is designed with beautifully rounded details matching the curves of the wave – a perfect match for Dansk Standard. A distinct font with a subtle personality that could pose as the recognizable element Dansk Standard needed.


To add further depth to the visual identity, we introduced a series of icons. Our focus was on bringing the wave element from the Dansk Standard logo into the different icons, in a way which felt natural and instinctive to the brand.