Plateau is a strategic hybrid combining design, creativity, and business development. We identify as corporate creatives and thrive on the intersection between rational business strategy and emotional brand value.

The Brand as a Strategic Tool for Growth

While the world is continuously accelerating, fundamental structures are changing across business areas, industries and borders. The potential is great for companies that manage to keep up with the pace of time. At Plateau, we work with the brand as a strategic tool for growth and create the framework for a new generation of brands that are not intimidated by the prospect of uncertainty.

Want to know how Plateau can help elevate your business? 
Cecilie Lund Madsen

CEO, Co-founder

What we help our clients' achieve

  • We enable growth
  • We create differentiation
  • We design brand experiences
  • We construct moving storytelling
  • We find and define purpose
  • We connect people
  • We position for growth
  • We make marketing smarter
  • We enable businesses to sell more

What we do

We bridge the gap between business strategy and brand value. We do this because we believe that there is an untapped potential for growth in the link between rational demand and the emotional needs that drive human behavior.

Who we are

We are designers, strategists, challengers and creative thinkers with a heartfelt interest in understanding the intangible. But first and foremost, we are business people – just like the people we work with – our clients.

How we work

We connect creativity and business acumen to break away from the expected, empower new business models and build strong corporate cultures. We are driven by an ambition to push our customers' business forward and create results that can be measured on the bottom line.

What we stand for

We deliver on what we promise. Results, change, growth, and sublime execution. We believe that some of the most important drivers of sustained growth exist in diversity, originality and changeability.

We work with organizations in change. Locally and globally.

At Plateau, we work with both small and large companies. With privately held, private equity-owned, start-ups and public organizations – all with that in common that they are changing.

We enjoy working with people who dare to challenge the status quo and break free from complexity in markets where the norm is the opposite. Regardless of the point of departure, we always work with an ambition to push our customers' business forward.

Businesses we work with

Established businesses with new ambitions

For established companies operating in high complexity markets with growing commoditization, agility and changeability are crucial factors to survive. Because even the most well-thought strategies fail if it fails to communicate it to customers, employees, shareholders and the market.

To get ahead of these pitfalls, visual communication and a powerful narrative are great tools to elevate the strategy from PowerPoint to reality. The narrative can translate heavy data into an emotional narrative, while visual communication can visualize even the most ambitious change strategies.

Scale-ups looking to grow with a need to stand out in the market

We work with scale-ups who have established themselves in their marketplace, refined its products and technology and who are now ready to challenge their market and take a leading position.

For scale-ups, there is great potential in establishing a strong brand position and creating a stronger connection between the products and services the business offers and the needs you see in the market. With the brand as a guiding tool, we help our clients align their strengths and competencies across the organization – growth initiatives work best when there is agreement on which direction growth should take.  

The result is twofold: on the one hand, it results in companies that are clearly in its position in the market, and partly in an organization that can work agilely and independently with the brand as a compass for decision makers across departments and management layers.

Start-ups ready for rapid growth

Most startups have great ambitions for and investors’ with equally high ambitions for their top-line performance. Succeeding requires more than strong technology and a product that works. It requires a super-focused positioning and a clear strategy on how to win customers over from competitors.  

In times when markets are practically drowning in startups and challengers, it takes a strong brand to effectively stand out. However, a strong brand is not only a tool to look pretty – it's also a crucial tool for start-ups to be able to navigate their way through a turbulent build-up with pivot after pivot before finally hitting a growth-vein worth thickening.