Plateau is a strategic hybrid combining design, creativity, and business development. We identify as corporate creatives and thrive on the intersection between rational business strategy and emotional brand value.


Cecilie Lund Madsen

CEO, Co-founder


The Brand as a Strategic Tool for Growth

While the world has found itself in continuous acceleration, fundamental structures are changing across business areas, industries borders. While the concept of change is frightening, the potential for the companies that manage to keep up with the pace of time is second to none. At Plateau, we work with the brand as a strategic tool for growth and create the framework for a new generation of brands that are not intimidated by the prospect of uncertainty.

Plateau Team

Career & Culture

Plateau is a mixed bunch. Together, we count both nature lovers and city dwellers, foodies and doggies. We gather around our commonalities; curiosity, creativity and a heartfelt interest in understanding everything we don't understand. On the other hand, it is our differences that make Plateau what we are – a crooked community with room for more.