Product Launch
Product Launch
A new way of procurement
We helped Scanmarket build a brand identity that is professional, dynamic, and digital-first, but with a human side, that would bring the procurement professionals to the center.
We helped Scanmarket articulate the vision and visualize how a modern brand and an intuitive digital product would simplify – rather than complicate – the work of procurement professionals.
Making Bi seem level-headed and unpretentious
With genuine insight and deep industry knowledge as their foundation, TARGIT turns great intelligence into real impact. Plateau helped match their identity with their focus.
Setting a brand in motion
How we leveraged the existing visual brand dynamics in a flexible design system to put Trackunit’s brand in motion for a digital savvy audience.
Visualizing the tie between clinical care and business excellence
When a company is going through change, it needs a viable brand identity to
From internal battlefield to streamlined solar system
This is the story behind the corporate website of Dansk Standard.
Framing the storyline
A branded film that establishes Trackunit as the leader of a movement calling the front runners of the industry to join the revolution of the construction industry.
A national treasure – now fit for the future
Enabling Dansk Standard to communicate a complex product through light, airy and distinct design.
Visualizing a global movement
Under the working title, Eliminate Downtime, Trackunit set out to unite the frontrunners of the construction industry to eliminate the biggest and most costly challenge of their industry: Downtime.
Billion dollar potential
An inspirational platform with insightful information that can jumpstart any SMEs new growth adventure and consequently push growth in the right direction.
Taking a new form
With the shift from hardware to software, Trackunit needed a visual identity that would help position them as the challenger in the construction industry.
Redefining the face of Trackunit
Creating a light, accessible, and ambitious website with the ease of use as Trackunit’s services and a visual storytelling that mirrors Trackunits identity and position in the market.
Turning business intelligence into business impact
Changing the perception of Business Intelligence to break free of commoditization in a highly competitive market.
Leading IoT provider in five years
Trackunit has become the leading provider of IoT in a trillion-dollar industry. All in less than five years. This is the journey of Trackunit.
Setting the direction for an entire industry
It takes serious leadership to gather an industry around a joint purpose – but if you succeed, you will set the direction for an entire industry – and that’s exactly what Trackunit set out to do.