Web Design
A website is a crucial point of interaction with customers, partners, and future employees. It’s the first-hand impression of any company. As visitors are coming from every direction, there’s a high risk of creating hundreds of unique user experiences, leading to inconsistency of the overall feel of the brand – unless you’re in control.

Great web design is founded on a great strategy that frames user needs and business objectives to form the right story and experience. The purpose of the strategic process is to set the direction and carefully shape the experience and storyline we want to present to the user. This story sets the guidelines that ensure the interplay between the visual identity, content strategy and interaction design to help streamline the user experience.

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At Plateau Play, we help our clients build digital experiences in all shapes and sizes. From heavy corporate platforms to campaign sites and redesigns of existing solutions. In collaboration with our development partners, we create noteworthy design that encapsulates the very essence of a company’s unique story, establishing consistency and thereby strengthening the brand.