From hardware
manufacturer to leading
IoT provider in five years

This 20-year old telematics manufacturer took the digitization of the construction industry on its shoulders and became the leading provider of IoT in a trillion-dollar industry. All in five years. This is the journey of Trackunit.

“In 2016, McKinsey listed the construction industry as the second least digitized industry of all.”

Making your industry's challenges your challenges

In 2016, McKinsey listed the construction industry as the second least digitized industry of all. A stark conclusion to an analysis that sums up the market Trackunit operates within. This lack of digitization had left the construction industry with low productivity, blown up budgets and an all-time low public perception. For most this would be depressing news – but for Trackunit this analysis was fuel for their journey towards a position as leading IoT provider and challenger of the industry on a global scale.

Challenging the status quo

Through two decades, Trackunit has been pushing the digitization forward in the construction industry. But to turn around the status quo would require someone to gather and align the entire industry around one common goal.

Through a strategic process, Plateau helped Trackunit take a step back, question the existing structures and rules of theirindustry, and redefine their position by opposing and challenging the status quo of construction.

The lack of digitization of construction had left the industry shattered and disconnected. The lack of clear communication between stakeholders had the productivity plummet and the idle time of equipment surge. Combined these challenges had a big role to play in the global average 80% budget overruns of the industry. 

The one who would solve these challenges would save the industry trillions of dollars every year – and that’s exactly what Trackunit set out to do.

“The lack of digitization of construction had left the industry shattered and disconnected

Serve the stakeholders

To create effective solutions we helped Trackunit decipher the ecosystem of stakeholders in the industry. With telematics as the foundation, Trackunit can detect and collect an incredible amount of data, so much, in fact, that only few can use and understand it. So the question we asked each other was; how much is enough?

How much is enough to bridge the gap between the equipment manufacturers, the rental companies, the service technicians, the operators behind the wheel and all of their day-to-day problems?

This served as the framework for the transformed Trackunit. It served as the foundation of the company’s DNA just as it served as the blueprint for a range of services made to serve the individual stakeholder in their present reality.

With solutions that have pushed the construction industry forward during the past decades, the Danish tech company, Trackunit, is one of the leading providers of IoT to the industry. Since the founding of the company more than 20 years ago, Trackunit has pushed the digitization of construction forward.

Client: Trackunit
Industry: IoT + Construction
Year: 2019

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Søren Brogaard, CEO

“Working with Plateau has helped us put frame and phrase on the Trackunit we strive to be.”

“Through a strategic collaboration with Plateau, we have been able to simplify the structure of our product portfolio and develop a formula that creates the foundation from where our product development can emanate. Our brand has become more than a logo and a tagline. This brand transformation has fundamentally changed our self-understanding. Our brand has become our identity and a mindset that has helped to unify the organization and move us in the right direction."

Results 2016-2019

Today, three years after the transformation, Trackunit is at the absolute forefront of the industry and a renowned thoughtleader with a growth rate that speaks for itself.


40% growth
+120.000 units delivered in 2018
40 new team members
1 acquisition